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Does Tinder Have a Customer Service Number I Can Call?

Does Tinder Have a Customer Service Number I Can Call?

Does Tinder have a customer service number? How do I fix issues with my app? What if I need help with my account or something else? As is the norm with tech companies, they try to avoid being directly contactable. There are ways to contact Tinder if you do need help though and I’ll list them in a minute. I’ll also show you a few things you can try yourself if your app isn’t working as it should.

Tinder does not have a customer service number. Neither does it have a live chat function or any way to contact the company directly. The Tinder Support Website is pretty good and has answers for most questions but there is no way to engage with a human. There is a Twitter account but the wait time for answers or help is significant.

If you have an account issue, privacy problem, or something serious. You will need to contact Tinder via the support website. For payment issues, you will likely need to look at your iTunes subscriptions or Google Play subscriptions as payment is handled through there.

For app issues, you need TechJunkie.

Fixing common Tinder app issues

If you’re having an app issue like Tinder keeps crashing, won’t connect, keeps dropping out or something like that, most fixes are available online and on this page. The same kinds of fixes for most apps will work on Tinder too so try a few of these to get you up and swiping again.

Reboot the Tinder app

This should be the first thing you try with any app problem. Shut the app down fully and start it again. In Android, you may need to Force Close the app from App Settings. You don’t need to do that on iOS. Shutting down the app fully means it reloads from its base configuration and may work properly again right away.

Reboot your phone

The second most common fix for any app issue is a reboot of your phone. This resets the RAM, drops some cached files, and forces a complete reload of the OS and any manufacturer overlay (Android). Three places where apps can go wrong. Reboot your phone fully, reload Tinder and see if it works properly.

Check your WiFi or 4G

Tinder depends on having a good network connection to function. If you’re in a poor signal area or your network is down, Tinder may not work properly or keep dropping out. You can either try a different app to see if that copes better or reset your wireless router. If you’re using 4G, use a streaming app like YouTube to check. If the stream is slow or buffers a lot, it could be your cell signal. If it works fine, it could be the app.

Update Tinder

In an ideal world, you should always be running the latest version of all your apps. Fixes and updates are released regularly and there may be a known issue causing Tinder to misbehave that is addressed in an update. Plus, if Tinder servers have been updated, the app needs to be updated too otherwise it can cause compatibility problems.

Update your phone

Those same compatibility problems between the app and server can also affect app and phone operating system. If a significant phone update or security update has changed a setting, apps are often required to update also. If you have updated the app but not your phone OS, it could cause instability until the two versions match.

Keeping your phone OS up to date is a fundamental of phone use. Set it to automatically update over WiFi and you should be good to go.

Clear the app cache in Android

Another common fix for general app issues is to clear the app cache. This is a storage for temporary files apps use to function. Clearing it forces apps like Tinder to reload configuration files again from stock. If there was any corruption or issue reading those old files, the new ones should work fine.

Reinstall Tinder

If you tried all those things and Tinder still doesn’t work, try reinstalling the app from new. The iOS version is available from here and the Android version from here. Uninstall the app using the usual method and download a fresh copy from your phone’s app store. Install the new version, log in and hopefully, all will work properly again.

Login Issues

Another common issue with apps, including Tinder, is the inability to log into your account. When you attempt to log into Tinder you will see an option for “Trouble Logging In?” Tap on that option and follow the prompts to recover your account. Once you get back in, be sure to add a recovery phone number just in case you ever get locked out again.

*** Helpful Hint: If you’re not sure which email you signed up with, visit your email, click on “All Inboxes” and type “Tinder” into the search bar. At some point, Tinder has sent you a communication to your account email so assuming you’re logged into it, you will be able to figure out which email you used.

If you’ve been banned from the app, check out the company’s Community Guidelines before worrying with support. When Tinder bans you it is because of a violation of their standards and you will receive a message when you attempt to log into your profile. Read through the guidelines for more understanding. If you’re positive you shouldn’t have been banned then contact support.

Issues With Premium Features

If you have a premium subscription for the service, things may happen such as your Boost didn’t work. If that’s the case, the monthly Boost is only supplied every 30 days, even if you start a new subscription, you have to wait 30 days.

If you’re an iOS user and you receive a purchase error, your Apple ID is likely linked to another Tinder account.

An issue with a payment that warrants a refund will likely need to be taken up with the financial institution that paid it. For example, if your Tinder subscription was set up with iTunes, you’ll need to dispute the charge with iTunes. Alternatively, you can use the Support function to fill out a request form, but Tinder’s official word is that payments are non-refundable (unless your credit card was stolen or something like that of course).

For general app issues, it is much faster and easier to try to fix it yourself rather than waiting forever for Tinder to send you a canned response. If your issue is anything to do with account privacy or security, you need to contact them and wait it out. As it can take several days for Tinder to get around to answering, the more you can do for yourself, the better!

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17 thoughts on “Does Tinder Have a Customer Service Number I Can Call?”

Rajeshree Naicker says:
I have a premium subscription. My likes do not appear on my profile. An error ‘something went wrong, please try again later’ appears on my profile. This has not gone away since I’ve become member.
Dean Parish says:
I have a charge for $39.99 from y’all and don’t have a clue how it got there.
Taime says:
They can’t see my profile. Can u fix this?
Farshid Rayhan says:
All of my matches have disappeared. Terrible customer service.
All they say is log-out log-in. I have done that and rebooted the phone and reinstalled the app multiple time.

Nothing works. And no support or customer service what so ever. I am wondering if that is even legal? Not to have a customer service?

Savannah says:
Hi so my phone un-installed my tinder app and when I tried logging into my account it wouldn’t let me, in pretty sure when I signed up I didn’t verify my account so can I still find a watch to get back onto my account or do I have to make a new one? I really don’t want to make a new one since I had matches already. Pls help
Sheila says:
Hi I’m new to tinder and IV had a man trying to scam me for money . He was exceptionally good . But I wasn’t handing him over money. My point is he took himself of tinder so I couldn’t report him . How can I report him and IV got a photo of him and all messages on watts app. Many Thanks.
Xantha says:
Me too!
dennis says:
my location is correct, it shows people in the next town but says we are 500 miles away.

how can this be corrected?

Tony Cuares says:
My tinder got blocked and I have no idea why
Angie says:
Recieved an email that someone had used my apple ID from another apple product to purchase $19.99 on Tinder. Cant even open the credit card info to see where this charge came from nor the name on the credit card. Love to be able to talk to a real human.
Kashish says:
My account got banned because when i was filling up my age to 13 /05/2000 i mistakenly filed 13/05/2008
What should I do now
Wes Falcon says:
hello…I’ve used tinder a few times and met great people. I recently dated someone and it didnt work out. Now all of a sudden my account is blocked and I’m banned from Tinder. I have never done anything inappropriate. I’m assuming she left a complaint about me or something so I couldn’t get back on
Lori Borman says:
Please remove my profile. I no longer want to be viewed on this site.
Brad Hutchins says:
Did not sign up for 99 dalars to be taken out at one time I need yall to cancel that beens the add is false I dont want anything to do with this site it said 8 dallara a month when can I expect this to be canceled and my money back
Nozulu says:
Please reinstall my tinder app and reconnect my subscription.
Steve says:
Hello they billed a renew to me, unbeknownst to me. Whithin 24 hours I explained the error and and asked for a refund. After a few emails I was instructed the refund will be sent. It wasn’t. I contacted them, they said they will review my account….they already did and supposedly sent my refund. This was explained. Since, 4 days have passed, and they simply ignore my emails now. They are a bunch of crooks,
DO NOT GIVE THEM MONEY. if it’s not theirs, they will rob you and pretend you don’t exist. Currently contacting a lawyer, hopefully the unprofessional acts will stop.
James Cooke says:
How did you email them?
Todd Mcleod says:
Hi I get a message saying people like me I log on and I can’t see them is there something wrong with how I have it set up .I updated to tinder gold a day after I purchase tinder plus and am waiting a refund

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