How to Get a Discount on Tinder Gold

Tinder has been around for quite a while and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. In order to up their game, Tinder has introduced the Plus and Gold membership plans in previous years. While the former is relatively affordable, the latter can be expensive.

Naturally, many sites offering discounts and methods to obtain free Gold membership have cropped up since Tinder Gold was first introduced. Let’s investigate what Tinder Gold is, how much it costs, and whether or not you can get it at a discount price.

What Is Tinder Gold?

Tinder Gold was rolled out in June 2017 as a members-only service. As its name suggests, Tinder Gold offers some exclusive features. It is available only to Tinder Plus users and it’s billed separately. The users who opt to switch to Gold membership have several available plans, though more on that later.

Tinder Gold lets you see everyone who right-swiped you the moment they do it. If you miss some, you can see them in a personalized “Likes You” list. When browsing with Tinder Gold, you will see the heart icon next to the matches that previously swiped right on you.

This feature also provides you with a personalized list of up to ten picks each day. These are chosen for you by Tinder’s algorithm. These picks are hidden behind the golden diamond icon on your profile. Each profile on your personalized list will have a short description which comes in handy if you need help deciding whether to swipe left or right.

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Tinder Gold also lets you see all the likes you have received. You can set the notifications to pop up for each new like, every three likes, or every ten likes.

Additionally, you get all the features available in the Tinder Plus package. These include five Super Likes every day, Passport (ability to change location), unlimited number of right swipes, one monthly Boost which makes you the top pick in your area for half an hour, and the ability to undo the last swipe (called Rewind). Of course, Tinder Gold is ad-free.


Tinder has an interesting pricing policy regarding Tinder Gold. For example, users that are 28 or older are paying the full price for the upgrade, while those under 28 are paying less. If you’re over 28, you will pay $29.99 for a one-month Tinder Gold membership. In case you opt for a six-month plan, you will pay $112.99 or $18.83 a month. Finally, those who buy a yearly plan are billed $12.50 each month.

Have in mind that Tinder Gold is charged on top of your regular Tinder Plus subscription.

Pros and Cons

On the plus side, you do get a bunch of cool and helpful features. You get personalized daily lists of potential matches and you can see all the people who liked you and right-swiped your profile for the additional price. Also, there are all the perks you enjoyed as a Tinder Plus member.

On the downside, upgrading your profile to the Gold status won’t guarantee you’ll be more successful. It won’t make your profile more appealing or boost your stats. Also, some might find it prohibitively expensive, especially those over 28.

How to Get a Discount

It is no secret that the Gold upgrade is costly, especially if you’re 28 or older. Older members have to shell out as much as $29.99 for a single month. Tinder’s logic behind it is that older users are better situated and can allocate more funds for a quality dating app. Though this is fine for some, a portion of the community disagrees and some of them deem it as discrimination.

Many users dissatisfied with the situation and eager to get the advantages the Gold membership offers have started looking for ways to get a discount. Many sites have sprung up offering “surefire” ways and tips on how to get a discount. Some even offer strategies on how to enjoy the Gold status for free.

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Sadly, these methods don’t work and they can’t provide you with a discount or a free Gold membership. Some sites offering them are harmless and are only trying to increase their traffic with such headlines. There are also those that engage in data harvesting and fraud. If you come across an offer for a discounted or free Tinder Gold membership on a random site, your best bet is to steer away from that site.

All that being said, there is a way you can get a discount for Tinder Gold. That’s through the offer directly from Tinder. These are sent via email to chosen members. It is still unclear how Tinder selects the users to offer the discount to, though some users have even received 50% discount offers.

These discounts will usually only last for one or two months. Also, rumor has it that the users leaving the Gold program are more likely to get the discount offer in order to stay. Some users have also been offered discount upon signing up for the upgrade or shortly afterwards.

Another way to pay less for Tinder Gold is to be under 28. Thanks to Tinder’s interesting pricing policy, users under 28 don’t pay the full price.

To Gold or Not to Gold

Tinder Gold can be too expensive for some users. Unfortunately, the only legitimate ways to get a discount are Tinder’s offers and being under 28. We don’t recommend or support trying third-party solutions and tips.

Do you have Tinder Gold? If yes, is it worth the money? If not, would you give it a try? How about a discount? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

4 thoughts on “How to Get a Discount on Tinder Gold”

Avatar Derek says:
I’m 29, and it’s asking for 41.99 for 1 month gold………….. Seriously
Avatar Chuck says:
This is inaccurate. I am 30 and have a Tinder profile. The monthly cost is $15 for month-month and something like $6.82/mo for the annual plan
Avatar No one special says:
I’m 38 and tinder is asking $29.99 for a 1 month subscription
Avatar Kyle Monahan says:
I don’t think it is worth the full price for Tinder Gold.
Avatar Siddharth Tade says:
I want to communicate with new people around me

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