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Online dating apps are taking over, and according to the Pew Research Center, the number of people who are finding their dating partner online is on the constant rise. If you have a smartphone and the Tinder app, you can join the soul mate quest right away. However, this method also has its limits.

If you use Tinder to match with certain profiles, after some time, the app will alert you that you’ve ‘ran out of likes.’ Read on to learn more about the Tinder like and its limits.

What Is a Tinder ‘Like’?

Tinder’s ‘Like’ is essentially the same thing as a swipe-right gesture. If a certain Tinder profile grabs your attention, you will swipe right on it, and if that user does the same to your profile, you will ‘match.’ Once you match, you’ll be able to text each other and get to know better.

The app uses search parameters that you set such as age, gender, and distance, to list a number of profiles on your app feed. The number of profiles that will appear also depends on Tinder’s specific algorithm.

This algorithm calculates your profile’s presence by looking at how many users swipe right on your profile and how frequently you do the same. Those who don’t ‘like’ every profile that displays on the feed will most likely have a better Tinder presence than the constant ‘right-swipers.’

When you swipe left on a profile, it means that you’re not interested. There’s also a limit to Tinder ‘dislikes,’ but it’s not even close to the number of ‘likes.’ In the next section, we’ll talk more about these limits.

What’s the Limit on My Likes?

When Tinder first launched, there wasn’t any limit to likes and dislikes on your feed. Of course, when the app became more popular, this caused a lot of issues. So at first, they decided to restrict the number of likes during a 12-hour period. At first, this gap was 120.

Nowadays, the number isn’t official, but they say the average number of likes is about 100. This number isn’t fixed and it may also depend on your Tinder algorithm. For example, if you liked a lot of profiles during the previous days, you may have even less than fifty.

Statistically, male users have much fewer likes during a 12-hour period than females – around 50. But, again, it varies depending on your unique profile algorithm.

Once you reach the like limit, the app will notify you that you aren’t able to proceed swiping through the Tinder feed. The timer will appear counting down until the moment your feed refreshes, and then you’re good to go.


Can You Increase the Like Limit?

Officially, there’s only one way to increase your like limit on Tinder. As soon as the app notifies you that you’re out of likes, it will offer you a chance to sign up for Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold. These versions of Tinder give you unlimited likes.

Other than that, you may find some third-party options that offer to increase your like limit for a more affordable sum, or even free. However, these apps aren’t recommended, and if you’re not careful, hackers can commit data theft or send malicious data with their app.

Tinder also introduced a Super Like feature, which doesn’t increase the limit, but may increase your chances. This means that the person doesn’t need to swipe right first to match with you. If you like a profile, throw in a ‘super like’ and that user will see a blue star on your profile once it appears on their news feed. This way, they will instantly know that they can match with you, which can give you an edge with indecisive users.

Is It Worth It to Pay for Unlimited Likes?

The usefulness of paying for unlimited likes depends on how you look at the app. If you consider swiping left and right fun and you’re maybe even addicted to browsing through profiles, then paying for entertainment is fine.

However, if you think you’ll have more chances to match due to the fact you can swipe more, you’ll probably be disappointed. Maybe there’s that one match in the ever-growing pile of users, but this won’t help your profile become more attractive.

The better way to improve the statistics is to work on your profile. Making your profile more interesting and following the ‘rules’ of improving your profile’s presence may give you better results. Sometimes liking less instead of more is the way to go.

Keep On Swiping

If you’ve run out of Tinder likes, you shouldn’t be too concerned about it. Tweak your profile a little bit, cool down, and you’ll get another try. If you just miss the sensation of swiping and matching with other users, then you should consider subscribing to Tinder Plus or Gold.

How often do you match on Tinder? Would you buy a Plus or Gold version for more likes? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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