Can you Use Tinder Without Pictures?

Can you use Tinder without pictures? Is it possible to get any matches without images? How can you use Tinder without risking your identity? These are frequent questions we see here at TechJunkie and I’m going to answer them all today.

Tinder is still the king of the dating apps and will be for the foreseeable future. It works well, offers a bunch of useful features and has the widest pool of potential dates. It is also the most difficult to survive unscathed but that’s a subject for another day! For now, suffice to say, the majority of those playing the field, Tinder is where it’s at.

Can you use Tinder without pictures?

It is technically possible to not use pictures of you in your profile but it isn’t advisable. Tinder is 99.99999% about the looks and without a great quality, full face image as your main profile pic, you don’t stand a chance.

Every Tinder success guide everywhere talks about the necessity of great quality images in your profile. A main image with a full face, a smile and clear, no nonsense look at your appearance is essential. Anything less isn’t going to cut it.  So yes you can use Tinder without pictures but you’re not going to get anywhere.

Put yourself in the shoes of someone looking at profiles. If you come across a profile with no image, a disguised image or one that shows a random body part, what are you likely to do? I bet you’re not going to swipe right. Not with hundreds or thousands of much better profile pics to choose from anyway.

Is it possible to get any matches without images?

See above really. It may be technically possible to use Tinder without a clear image or non-face shot but I don’t rate your chances. Dating apps are all about appearance and if someone cannot see you clearly, they aren’t going to match with you. With hundreds of other hopefuls on Tinder in any given area, why would you select an unknown when you don’t have to.

You could be an axe murderer, escaped convict or worse. Depending on who is looking, people are going to think you’re married and cheating, too shy to be on Tinder or a felon. None of which is going to get you a date.

How can you use Tinder without risking your identity?

I have covered this before on TechJunkie and go into detail about how to set up a fake Tinder account and use that instead of your real identity. It isn’t ideal but it the only way around it.

If you use Tinder Plus, (if you can manage to hide the subscription payment), you can select to only be visible to people who you have swiped right on. This obviously lowers your chances of being selected but does leave open the possibility of you making the first swipe and then becoming visible to the other person. This is a great way to use Tinder without over exposing yourself and maintaining some semblance of privacy.

The other benefit of Tinder Plus is the ability to hide your age and exact location which can also help keep you safe. It isn’t a magic bullet but if you combine it with the above ‘Only People I’ve Liked’ setting, you can use Tinder fairly well without too much risk of being discovered. No method is perfect though so be prepared.

Why do you need to use Tinder without pictures?

Now I have answered those original questions, let’s look at why you might want to user Tinder without images. I can see two reasons. One, you’re in a relationship and want to play the field. Two, you’re embarrassed or dating apps are not acceptable to your culture, faith, family or friends.

For the first one, make sure you’re prepared to risk it all for potentially nothing. The saying ‘if you cannot do the time, don’t do the crime’ springs to mind. Consider that Tinder is 95% rejection even for the hottest people and then perhaps a 1-2% success rate for dates, ask yourself if it is worth it. If it is, use a fake identity for Tinder and use the advice above.

For the second, there is no need to be embarrassed about using a dating app. Everyone does it. There are millions of people around the world who use Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and others like them. It is now a widely accepted way to meet people and perhaps a third of all new relationships begin online.

As for family, faith, culture or friends. There is no easy answer to that except to gradually change their mind about this most popular pastime.

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