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How to Turn On Notifications for Tinder

How to Turn On Notifications for Tinder

Tinder is one of the best online dating apps, and it’s available all around the world. When you match with someone, there’s usually a period of text messaging on the app before you decide if you want to meet them in person.

If you’re not getting push notifications when you get a message on Tinder, your match might think you’re ignoring them and quit the chat.

That’s why it’s essential to make sure you always get every notification. In this article, we’ll show you to ensure that you never miss a message on Tinder.

Managing Tinder Notifications

To make sure you receive every notification from Tinder, you need to go through settings in your Tinder app as well as the device you’re using.

First, launch the app on your device and go to “Settings” and then “Notifications.” From there, you can decide what type of notifications you want to receive and if you wish to receive email notifications as well.

The next step is to make sure you have your phone or browser settings in order. Regardless of whether you’re using an Android or iOS mobile device, you have to go through “Settings” and then “Apps” and tap on “Tinder.” There you should turn the notifications toggle “On.”

However, if you’re using the Tinder web portal, these settings will differ depending on which browser you’re using.



When using Chrome, select “More” (three vertical dots in the top right corner) and then follow this route: Settings>Advanced>Privacy & Security>Content Settings>Notifications. Here you can decide which website can send you notifications.


If you’re using Safari, click on the Safari icon on the top of the screen and then select “Preferences.” From there, click on the Notification tab and manually allow notifications from Tinder.


For Firefox, you first need to access the Tinder web portal, and from there, select the icon next to the URL. Then select Permissions>Notifications and turn them on.

How to Turn on Notification for Tinder

Troubleshooting Tinder Notifications

Some people prefer to use the Tinder web portal to find dates, but in most cases, the Tinder app is where all the swiping left and right takes place.

If you have enabled notifications in the app and on your mobile device, you should be good to go. However, that’s not always the case.

As you know, all apps and all phones tend to glitch from time to time. So, you still might miss a notification or two before you figure out something’s wrong. It can be frustrating, but it’s not unfixable.

In most cases, some light tinkering will do the trick. Let’s see what you can do if your Tinder app won’t deliver notifications even when they’re enabled.

Restart Your Phone

It’s probably not a bad idea to restart your phone whenever you install a new app or change settings. Sometimes phones don’t register the change and need a reboot to get everything in order. So, if the notifications are still missing, give your phone a chance by restarting it.

Update Tinder App

Which version of Tinder are you using at the moment? And when was the last time you updated the app? If you don’t have automatic update settings, there’s a chance you’ve missed a vital upgrade or two.

If the app is not up-to-date, it will likely start acting out. And there go the notifications you’ve been impatiently waiting. To save yourself the trouble of launching Tinder every few minutes to check if there are any new messages, you can check the App Store or Play Store for the latest updates.

Reinstall Tinder

If you regularly update Tinder and still have issues with notifications, you can try reinstalling it. This process will take any potentially corrupted cache files with it and give you a clean slate.

Don’t worry, messages and matches will not disappear from your account. Once you log again, everything will be there as before. And you’re likely to start getting the notifications.

Turn on Notifications for Tinder

Double Check Your Internet Connection

In some instances, the Tinder notification problem can occur due to poor internet connection. Or a complete lack of it. If the Wi-Fi network loses signal, your notifications will either be late or not come at all.

The same goes for using Data when you’re out and about. In some locations, service will be more reliable than in others. Also, you could be out of data and not even realize it. So, make sure that’s not the reason your notifications aren’t working.

Never Miss a Tinder Match

The world of online dating is fast, and sometimes you swipe before you think. But sometimes you meet someone you like.

The anticipation of a message or a new match is exciting, and it’s a shame anyone would miss it due to notifications problems.

Just make sure that both the Tinder app and your mobile device know that they should send push notifications. And if you run into any issues, check the app, your phone, and your internet connection.

Have you ever missed a notification from Tinder? Did it cause any problems? Let us know in the comments.

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