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How To Use Facebook without Messenger

How To Use Facebook without Messenger

All old Facebook users who had profiles before 2014 know that the Facebook app used to have a straightforward messaging system. But since July of 2014, users who want to exchange messages with someone have to download and install the Facebook Messenger app. This has its benefits, but some people don’t want to download yet another app just to have conversations on Facebook.

If you are one of these people, the article below will show you how you can message a friend without using the Messenger app at all.

Send Messages Using a Mobile Browser

Even though Facebook is doing all it can to make users switch to the Messenger app, you can still send your messages by using your browser. The process is much slower, and it requires you to wait for each page to open. However, if you want to send a message without downloading the Messenger app, you can do it like this:

  1. Open your browser and load the official Facebook website.
  2. Log in and select the “Conversations” tab found at the top of your timeline.
  3. Facebook will send you to the Google Play Store to download Messenger automatically.
  4. Go to the “Recent Apps” section if you’re using Android. iOS users should press the Home button to go back to Facebook.
  5. Enter your messages and click the ‘x’ when Facebook tells you to download Messenger again.
  6. The “Conversation” page will appear, but you will be taken to the app store the moment you click on someone’s name.
  7. Repeat step 4 until Facebook stops sending you to the store.
  8. Send your message.

The method above won’t work if you already have Facebook Messenger installed on your device. If you do, the website will open your Messenger instead of sending you to the app store.

Send Messages Using a Web Browser on Your PC

Sending messages on Facebook using your computer’s web browser is easier than using a mobile browser. The messaging system for PC users doesn’t require them to have the Messenger installed at all. Here is how you send messages from your PC:

  1. Open your browser and head to the Facebook website.
  2. Log in and click on the “Messages” button in the menu bar.
  3. Click on the person you want to contact, and then send your message.

Send Messages Using the Facebook SMS Service

You can use this method only when sending messages from the same phone number you entered when creating your Facebook account. You can use it to send a message in no time at all. Here is what you should do to set up the SMS service:

  1. Open the SMS app on your phone.
  2. Type “FB” in the message field and type in “15666” where it says “Send to.”
    Use Facebook Without Messenger
  3. Facebook will send you a text with an activation code.
  4. Open and log into your Facebook account from a PC.
  5. Select “Settings” from the menu bar.
  6. Look for the “Mobile” option on the left side and select it.
  7. When the “Mobile Settings” page opens, find the option that says “Already received a confirmation code?” and type in the code you received.
    Facebook Without Messenger
  8. Complete the process, and now your Facebook SMS Service is up and running.

Sending Messages Using the SMS service

When you’ve finally set up the Facebook SMS service, here is what you should do to send a message to someone:

  1. Open the SMS app on your phone and compose the message you want to send.
  2. Structure your message using the following format: msg <name of your friend> <your message>
  3. Send the message to 15666 and your friend will see it in his inbox.
  4. That’s all there is to it! We advise you to use this method instead of the first one because it works much faster.

Send Messages via Third Party App

Believe it or not, there are some third-party apps you can use to send messages on Facebook, without using the official Facebook Messenger.

friendly app

For example, you can use Friendly. It’s an iOS app that makes it possible to message people on Facebook the old way, as though Messenger was never released. Android users can download Lite Messenger, which provides the same benefits as Friendly.

You Can Forget About Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger was created so users can contact each other with ease. But some find it annoying or intrusive, and there are still some ways you can avoid it. The Facebook SMS service is the easiest alternative method of sending messages, but you have to make sure that the phone number you are using is the same number you entered when creating your Facebook account.

What are your experiences with sending messages on Facebook? Share your methods in the comment section below. How to Get Rid of Background and Make it Transparent

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Would I be able to receive messages this way to my phone via SMS from messenger? Do they just need to reply to my message?

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