How to View Bumble Privately

As a very innovative dating app, Bumble gives female users a leading role. In addition to this, it’s an app that pays special attention to privacy. Engaging the private mode is one such feature. However, while in this mode, you aren’t able to use Bumble as you would regularly. Here’s more about it and how to use Bumble while in the private mode.

How the Private Mode Works

The private mode is there so that people don’t ping you all the time. When engaged, this feature makes you invisible to everyone except the people that you’ve swiped right on or messaged. This is an innovative feature that’s played a big part in changing the world of online dating apps.

However, you can’t be invisible to others and use the app regularly. The ethics would be too questionable if that were the case. So, while in private mode, you can’t continue browsing and swiping. So, how can you view Bumble privately?

view bumble privately

Making the Private Mode Work

Unfortunately, there isn’t a hack or a trick that will allow you to use Bumble normally while in private mode. You’ll always be limited. However, if you think of the private mode as “being online”, you can make it work. In other words, turn on the private mode while you aren’t browsing/swiping, and turn it off whenever you want to view Bumble normally. However, there isn’t a limit regarding how often you can switch this mode on or off, so knock yourself out.

Using the private mode like this will only leave a small window of time for random people to swipe you and message you. It might not be ideal, but at least you won’t have to worry about getting messaged by random people while you’re “offline” (private). If you receive a Bumble notification while in the private mode, you can rest assured that it’s coming from someone you do want to hear from (someone you swiped right on or messaged previously).

Bumble’s Private Detector

Sadly, the private mode doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be spared from seeing things that you don’t want to see on Bumble from time to time. For example, you may have swiped right on someone because they looked perfectly normal, but they still may end up sending you their weird nude photos that you definitely want to protect yourself from.

bumble how to view privately

This is where Bumble’s Private Detector kicks in. It’s an algorithm that automatically determines whether a photo features questionable or explicit content. This function will ask you whether you want to see this photo. If you accept, the picture will be revealed. If you decline, it will disappear from the chat. Then, you’ll be prompted to block the user in question. If you choose to block them, they’ll be removed from the message screen, and you won’t be able to see each other’s profiles.

Alternatively, if the Private Detector finds the image that you’re sending is lewd in content, Bumble will kindly remind you that sending lewd content may result in you being reported. If you proceed and do indeed get reported, you won’t be able to use the app any longer.

Unfortunately, this feature is available only on iOS devices, and within the confines of the US for now.

Browsing Bumble with Safety and Privacy

As outlined above, there isn’t a way to enable the private mode on Bumble and use it normally. However, if you turn the private mode on each time you’ve finished browsing or swiping, it will prevent you from receiving messages from people you haven’t swiped right on or messaged at a previous time. The Private Detector will ensure even a greater degree of safety for you.

Have you started using the private mode as suggested? What do you think of Bumble’s Private Detector? Let us know in the comments section below, and don’t refrain from asking any questions you may have.

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