What Does Pending Mean in the Snapchat App?

Snapchat isn’t like other Social Media apps. It takes a little time to get used to all of the features and functions but once you have, it’s a great place to connect with friends, create fun content, and keep in touch.

Occasionally, users receive a “pending” message on Snapchat and they aren’t sure what it means. It can be easy to get lost in Snapchat’s terminology, but this article will explain everything you need to know about this notification and more.

Understanding the Snapchat Pending Notification

The Snapchat Pending notification is quite common. It has a few different purposes, and all of them will give you valuable information regarding your Snapchat contact.

Here is what the Snapchat Pending notification next to someone’s username can mean:

1. The Other User Hasn’t Added You As A Friend Yet

If you have just recently added someone to your Snapchat friends list, you will most likely see the Snapchat Pending notification under their name, as they haven’t accepted your friend request yet.

But if the pending notification doesn’t go away, the person might not want to become friends on Snapchat.

2. The Other User Has Blocked You

Let’s say you have added someone on Snapchat, and the Snapchat Pending notification appears after a while. You have noticed that you can’t send snaps to that person or use any other Snapchat feature to contact them. This might be because the person that you are trying to message has blocked you.

If you’ve been blocked you can’t see the other user’s profile anymore. If you’re no longer their Snapchat friend you can’t see their Snapscore when you visit their profile. If you have snaps stuck in “pending” status, check their profile to investigate whether the problem is on their end.

3. You Don’t Have Internet Connection or The Connection Is Slow

In case you have been friends with someone for quite some time and have been snapping with them regularly, the Snapchat Pending notification can come from Internet connection problems.

This issue goes both ways, so “pending” will be displayed even if there’s something wrong with your friend’s phone. What you can do here is reset your router, or turn your Wi-Fi off and on again. You can also toggle wifi off and switch over to cellular data for faster speeds.

Aside from that, you should try re-launching your Snapchat app, as it can be buggy sometimes.

If none of this resolves the problem and you are certain that there’s nothing wrong with your friend’s phone or Internet connection, the problem could be with your Internet provider.

4. Your Snapchat Friend Deleted Their Account

The final explanation for your pending problem can be the fact that your Snapchat friend has deleted their account.

Your Snapchat friend’s name won’t yet disappear from your Friends list, but you won’t be able to send them messages and you will see the Snapchat Pending notification next to their name.

5. It’s a Glitch

It isn’t uncommon for an application to have quirky glitches. In this case, it could be that the app simply isn’t acting properly. Aside from closing it and reopening it, or checking for updates, you should probably check for any known outages.

If you have several pending snaps that aren’t going through but you’ve tried the steps above, check the Down Detector website. The issue may be due to a system outage and if so, you’ll see that on the website. If it is a system outage, your only option is to wait it out.

How Long Will A Snapchat Stay Pending?

A Snapchat will stay pending until the conditions that caused it to get stuck are resolved. For example, if your message is pending because you don’t have a connection, then the message will send as soon as you are connected to the internet. If it’s pending because the recipient has blocked you, then it will send when they unblock you, and so on.

As for how long Snapchat will leave the message before deleting it, this is unclear. Snapchat deletes all messages immediately after they’re viewed by the recipient by default, though you can change this to 24 hours and even forever. However, since the recipient can’t see a pending Snapchat message, it doesn’t get deleted based on any of these timetables.

Snapchat does automatically delete unopened Snaps thirty days after they’re sent, however, it’s unclear if this rule applies to Snapchats that are pending. Hopefully, the circumstances that are keeping your Snapchat in the pending status don’t last longer than thirty days. At the very least, though, your message shouldn’t be deleted within the first thirty days as long as it is delivered and viewed before then.

How To Know If A Snap Is Delivered or Not?

If your Snapchat friend accepted your friend request, you are sure that you aren’t blocked, and there is nothing wrong with your Internet connection, there might be some problems with Snapchat itself.

In that case, waiting for the notification to disappear is the only thing that you can do.

You will know that your snap has been successfully sent to the other Snapchat user once you notice that the “pending” message has been replaced with a notification that says “delivered”.

But a message being delivered doesn’t mean the recipient has opened it yet. Just like with Facebook Messenger and Instagram, Snapchat sends notifications when someone reads your messages.

Let’s say that your snap has been delivered. You can only be sure that the recipient has seen the content of the snap once you notice the “received” notification under their name.

How To View Your Snapchat History?

Aside from Snapchat’s notifications, the history feature can help you discover some important information about your interactions. For example, you can find the exact date when you last snapped with someone.

To check your Snapchat activity, you will need to follow these easy steps:

  1. Open your computer’s web browser.
  2. Go to the Snapchat accounts website.
  3. Log in to your account.
  4. Select My Data.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Submit Request button

Snapchat will now send an email to the email address that’s connected to your Snapchat account. Clicking on the link in the email lets you download the data that you have selected.

Once your download is complete, open the folder that you have downloaded and select the “HTML” subfolder. From there, you will be able to your entire Snapchat history by selecting the file you want to view.

To Pend or Not To Pend, That Is The Question

The Snapchat Pending notification is a good way to keep up with what’s going on with your Snapchat friends. Among other things, this can help you figure out if someone has blocked you or if they deleted their Snapchat profile. But you should keep in mind that it works both ways – the notification means that people can keep track of what you do.

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