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How to Add a New Contact in WhatsApp

How to Add a New Contact in WhatsApp

Why is it so tricky to add somebody to your WhatsApp account? Part of the reason is that WhatsApp mines information from your phone by default, and sometimes it doesn’t find what it wants. Especially if you don’t use the default contacts function. Here’s how you add a new contact to your WhatsApp app.

Adding a Contact Using Your Phone’s Contact List

When you start out with WhatsApp, they ask you if they may use your phone contacts list. If you tapped, “Yes” then they’re able to take your contacts list and add it to WhatsApp. The contacts may not appear right away as usable members in WhatsApp, but you’ll be able to add them fairly easily.

Tap on the icon for “Contacts” and press on the small orange button usually located on the bottom right of the screen.

Adding To Android Contacts

Select where you would like to save the number, be it to your SIM, your phone, or to Google.

Note: You’re probably best off saving it to your phone or your SIM.

You now need to add the number and the new contact’s name. If you’re adding a phone number from somebody who lives in your country, then add that number as normal. If it’s a foreign phone number, then you’ll need to add the country code. It goes a little something like this:

+ [Country Code] [Full Phone Number].

Omit any leading 0’s from the phone number itself.

Go back to your WhatsApp and open the “Chats” tab. Tap the “New Chat” icon, and tap the “More Options” tab and then the “Refresh” button.

Adding a Contact on Using Your WhatsApp

For some people, the methods listed above won’t work. There are a series of reasons for this. Maybe you didn’t agree for WhatsApp to use your contact list, or maybe your phone book is one that WhatsApp can’t read, and so forth.

If that’s the case, you can add your contacts manually into your WhatsApp app. Open up your WhatsApp. Near the bottom, you’ll see a small circle with a strange icon in it that looks like a speaking bubble with lined note paper inside.

Whats App contacts

Tap that button, and then tap on the “New Contact” tab that appears. This will lead you to the phone book/ contacts list that WhatsApp is able to access. Enter your new contact’s number and name, and then save.

Some Contacts Are Still Not Appearing

Go to your phone’s default address book and go to its settings. On that screen, it will say something similar to, “Contacts to display.” Tap that option, and it may show that some of your contacts are hidden. Your hidden contacts are the ones that may not be appearing in your WhatsApp contacts.

If you’re trying to add a contact via the desktop version of WhatsApp, then you may be out of luck because it is only a webcast of what you’re running on your phone. At the most, you may only be able to add a new group on the desktop version.

How to Create WhatsApp Groups

A WhatsApp group allows many different members to see and take part in a WhatsApp chat on a single screen. It’s a similar premise to the types of chatrooms that were popular in the late 90s. Here’s how to create a WhatsApp group:

  1. Start by tapping on the “Chats” tab in WhatsApp.
  2. Look for the function that says, “More Options” and tap the icon that shows three dots in a vertical line. This icon is what you tap to locate the “New Group”
  3. Alternatively, tap the chat icon, which is the odd-looking icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. It’s the same icon you used to add a contact earlier. Then tap on “New Group”.
  4. Select which of your contacts you want to include in your group. They can be invited by many means, but most people add those in their own contacts list, who are auto-added into the group.

You may now enter the group subject, which is the name of your group, and the subject line too. This will become your group description. It’s also important that you add a group image, which becomes your group icon. Be sure to pick something that people can easily differentiate from their other contacts. Plus, groups without images are just plain annoying. They pop up with a generic icon that isn’t striking. This can be especially irritating and confusing when there’s more than one group with no icon. In addition, you want people to form some sort of attachment and bond with your group so that they become more active members.

Final Thoughts

If your contacts are not showing in WhatsApp, then try adding them manually via the WhatsApp app. This is the only true foolproof way of adding contacts in a way that allows the app to use them. If all else fails, you could always have the other person add you into their WhatsApp and then send you a message. This will auto-add that person into your account, unless that person has been blocked, at which point you may like to check your archived conversations to see if that person is blocked in there.

Are you still having trouble with your WhatsApp? Are you having problems adding contacts? Why not share your experiences in the comments section below?

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