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When You Should Use Tinder Boost

When You Should Use Tinder Boost

Tinder claims to have around 50 million users, with at least 12 million matches occurring on a daily basis out of more than a billion swipes. In terms of user base, Tinder is the winner and all-time champion; they are the most popular dating app out there by far. Sometimes it feels like every person above the age of 18 has created a profile to help them in their search for Mr(s). Right, or at least Mr(s). Right Now. The upside of this is that there are a lot of potential matches. The downside is that it’s really easy to get lost in the crowd. How do you get noticed on a site with so many other people vying for the attention of the preferred sex? How can you make your profile as popular as Tinder itself?

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The basic rule of Tinder is that to do well, you have to have great pictures and a good profile. Even if you’ve gotten those things under your belt, it’s pretty easy to get lost in the crowd. Fortunately, you have access to some tools that can let you grab an advantage, at least temporarily. One of the most powerful of those tools is the infamous Tinder Boost. So what is Tinder Boost and when should you use it?

First you need to understand how Tinder presents profiles to its users. Your profile is like a card in a deck of playing cards. All the profiles in a given city are in one stack. When someone in New York City starts swiping through Tinder, they are presented with cards that are also from New York City, in the (random) order the cards were already in. Your profile card will eventually be seen by everyone in your community, assuming the age and distance filters are met, but this can take a very long time, depending on how many other people are in the stack and on how many cards other users go through in a given day. Months or years in a big city, but perhaps only weeks (or even days) in a small town.

Tinder Boost gives your card a superpower, at least for 30 minutes: it puts your card at the top of the stack for your community for a thirty-minute period. Everybody who logs onto Tinder in your town during that half hour sees you first on their feed – assuming that you match for age, gender, distance, etc. Because each Boost only works for a short period of time, and you don’t get very many of them, timing your Boosts for maximum effectiveness is crucial. Tinder Plus subscribers get one free Boost each month, but regular subscribers have to buy Boosts, and they aren’t cheap – it costs $6.99 to buy them one at a time, or $4.99 a pop in bundles of 10.

What Is Tinder Boost?

As stated above, Tinder Boost places your profile card at the top of the list for people searching in your area. It does this for thirty minutes and shows a neat little countdown timer while running. When you have Tinder Boost running, when anyone in your area opens Tinder and searches for people of your gender, age, and location, you will appear at the top, or close to the top depending on how many others are using Boost at the same time.

In addition, your Boost is a good time to be on the app swiping yourself. If you also swipe right on someone while your Boost is running, your profile card instantly appears on the top of their list even if they were already swiping when your Boost started, so you stand the highest chance of a match. (Given the limited duration of your boost, hitting another issue with Tinder can be devastating. If you’re having issues on Tinder, here’s some ways to fix common problems.)

Timing Is Everything When Using Tinder Boost

Tinder is a marketing exercise with you as the product. Much like TV advertising, choosing when to appear in front of your audience can make a big difference to how successful that advertisement is. The same applies to Tinder Boost. You have thirty minutes to achieve maximum impact so you need to time it right.

Lots of people have done research trying to gauge the best time to use Tinder Boost. The consensus seems to be somewhere between 7 pm and 9 pm, with 9 pm being the peak before it drops off. Some studies say Thursday nights at 9 pm is prime time while other studies fail to agree on a particular day. Much will depend on where in the world you live and even the kind of people you’re trying to attract.

You can use basic psychology to choose a day or just experiment, it is entirely up to you. Psychology suggests:

  • Monday isn’t the best, as it is the first day of the week and people are not yet planning for the next weekend.
  • Tuesday is a ‘meh’ day, still early in the week and nothing much happens.
  • Wednesdays are okay as this is the mid-point of the week and people begin looking forward to the weekend.
  • Thursdays are good because active planning for the weekend begins here.
  • Friday, the weekend is already happening and only late starters will be on Tinder.
  • Saturday is the same as Friday, it’s already happening and most people will be busy.
  • Sunday can be a reflective day where some may miss having someone to have shared the weekend with. It is also generally a quieter day with more chance to browser Tinder at leisure.

So it seems Thursday and Sunday evenings would be prime times to use Tinder Boost. This may vary depending on your hometown and local culture.



You should take these timing suggestions with a grain of salt. For one thing, everyone who’s serious about using Tinder to the maximum extent possible has seen the same research I just summarized above. It doesn’t do you a whole lot of good to hit “Boost” when there are 100 people doing the same thing at the same time. There may be advantages to “counter-programming” your boost, particularly if you are in a larger community where there are potentially hundreds of people using Boosts. (Say there are 100,000 people on Tinder in your city. Even if only 10% of them use one Boost a month, that’s 10,000 Boosted profiles. If just 20% of them post Thursday night and another 20% post on Sunday night during those two-hour “prime time” blocks, that’s 500 people Boosting in each block. Your Boost will just make you another one of the crowd.

Targeting Your Audience

Another important factor to consider is who you’re trying to reach out to. The research that has been done has been oriented around young people who do a lot of dating, as that is a major part of Tinder’s audience, but it isn’t the entire audience, and if you aren’t specifically trying to reach a 26-year-old named Kristal or Kyle, you may be completely wasting your time Boosting during the popular periods. Maybe you’re looking for someone who has a steady professional job – well, that person may well be swiping at 7 PM, but they’re also likely to be swiping at lunchtime, when the party people are still sleeping it off. Or if you are a night owl whose day really doesn’t begin until midnight, then a Boost at 7 PM is just going to put you in front of a bunch of people who go to bed by 11. You should be doing your Boost in the wee hours – yes, you’ll be in front of a smaller group, but it will be a smaller group consisting of the people that you want to date. Give some thought to who you’re trying to attract and think about when they are going to be looking.

Does Tinder Boost Really Work?

Basically, yes, Boosts work – but getting full value for your money requires some thought. Selecting the right time to use Tinder Boost is just the beginning. If you don’t have a set of great images and a thoughtful and intelligent profile, you still won’t get matches.

Images are very important on Tinder. They are the first thing we see when a profile card appears and often, the last thing we see when we swipe left. Selecting a good quality main image is essential. Make sure to wear something smart, casual, or that really nails your style. Make sure the lighting is good, that you are alone and that you smile. Supporting images should help build a picture of you and what you’re like, and it doesn’t hurt to do things like show you petting your lovable dog, running into a burning building to save a small child, sunning on your yacht, or something equally compelling.

The profile is the supporting act – lots of people only read them after they’ve already decided on which way to swipe, if they read them at all – but it’s still important for getting quality matches. Be honest, be funny if you can, be intelligent and be respectful. Douches don’t get dates and that is even more true with online dating! (Have you started to get matches but need to get a conversation going? Check out this book on how to do well on dating apps. It’s written to men, but applies equally well to everyone.)

Get the image and the profile right and matches should flow in naturally. Use Tinder Boost at the right time and you could be knee deep in options!

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Got any advice for using Tinder Boost? Had much success with it yourself? Tell us your story below.

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4 thoughts on “When You Should Use Tinder Boost”

Liam says:
Tinder is shady. They recycle accounts from other areas. They shadow ban paying customers (limiting their profile hits and cards of other users, claiming “no one is in your area” when they are just milking the customer for more time and money). You can test all this. Look up how.
Worst of all, prostitutes and cam site fakes are prevalent but reporting them does nothing because they inflate tinders numbers. If you took real people using the site, not recycled or fake profiles, youre probably closer to 60% the number of accounts.
Illegal and fraudulent practices make the internet a crappy place to spend money. Especially with stuff like this.
E says:
Smart comment.
DJP says:
What I find to be proof the deck is stacked against me locally is when I travel. If I have a layover or in some town for a couple of days I will get SEVERAL very nice folks liking my profile. At home 0. No way. Unless I boost. So….?
Ruben says:
Before buying Boosts I used to have 4-7 matches by week. Since I boght Boosts I only can make matches when using Boosts. Clearly Tinder is forcing me to spend the Boosts in order to get matches and buy more. Of course same pics, use, bio, etc. I have read through internet about other guys with the same experience. Since you buy boosts Tinder will make you profile invisible. Tinder thinks “ok that guy is willing to spend money” and tries to obtain maximum benefits….Too ambitious, when I spend the boosts will cancel my account on Tinder even having a high ELO SCORE. So I recommend not buy BOOSTS, as you will be condemned to buy them always.
Totally agree with you. I have been using tinder since 2014 and every year its getting worse. They are like modern day thief. I can’t wait to see a new competitor because they are taking advantage of people. They keep showing inactive accounts! I texted many girls through Instagram and some of them said they haven’t been using tinder for 6-8 months but tinder is still showing those accounts. Years ago when tinder
stopped showing last active time I knew their intention. And now they stopped showing instagram name because they know what users trying desperately.
Singh says:
How to resolve if you’re in the picky list

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