How To View Who Unfollowed You on Instagram

We’ve all been there: you’re browsing through your Instagram feed, and—maybe out of boredom, or curiosity—you decide to check your follower count. Maybe you’ve been doing well on your follower count lately, with numbers increasing at a regular basis, and you want to check out if you’ve gained any new followers. After all, you’ve been on a post streak lately, hitting one after another out of the park. Surely you’ve gained some new followers. Some of your new users might even be worth following back, or might be an old friend finally joining Instagram for the first time. Then, it happens—the shock, the horror. Someone’s unfollowed you, dropping your follower count by exactly one. And with no way to tell who unfollowed you, you’ll have to scan through your follower feed to see if you recognize anyone missing from the list. But it’s no use. After hours of combing through your list of followers, you realize there’s too many unfamiliar names to realize who dropped from your feed. The user is gone, and you’ll never be able to tell who it was.

Well, until now. It might be too late for that user, but with some help, you can set up a few different systems to make sure you catch your Instagram unfollowers in the act. There are a few different services that can help you out here, for iOS, Android, and even the web, so no matter what your main way of interacting with Instagram’s platform, you’ll be able to keep a close eye on your follower count. That way, the next time some ingrate leaves your Instagram feed in the dust, you can fight back the only way you know how: by also unfollowing their Instagram feed in retaliation. Nothing quite like “eye for an eye” mentality.

Jokes aside, there are a few different methods we’ve found for tracking Instagram unfollowers, and all they require are an email address, some account information, and a bit of your time to set up. And while they aren’t always guaranteed to work, these are currently the best methods. So, let’s take a look at some of the best ways to document your Instagram unfollowers.

And as always, these come with an advisory: Instagram’s been known to make sudden changes to their API and platform, causing tracking apps like our suggestions below to be disabled temporarily. We’ll keep an eye on the list the best we can, to make sure these apps are functioning properly.

4 thoughts on “How To View Who Unfollowed You on Instagram”

Avatar Lilly says:
Instrack have disabled all of their unfollows, non-followers etc. it shows you only the stats so you know how many, but not who. Instrack say it’s due to their Partner agreement with Instagram. What was a great app is now basically worthless.
Avatar Jay says:
Whoa, chill out people! Just a little outdated, no biggie… No need to get all freaked out and start saying nasty things! In all honesty, these apps have been available for years to be honest, so you guys are actually more out of the loop than you know, ha.

Anyways, thanks for the article and your time… Commenters CHILL OUT… LIFE WILL GO ON…

Avatar Metternich says:
@Will> Until then, it would make sense to take it down completely, since it shows up in the search results, and now it qualifies as irrelevant. Like Nathaniel, i was looking for advice and ended up here. Thanks for nothing, dude.
Avatar Nathaniel says:
Really? Posted December 20, 2016? Am I missing something? These services have not been available since the beginning of the month. I was looking for options. Do you just recycle your posts?
Avatar Will says:
This wasn’t a repost, however, sometimes posts can sit as a draft for up to a month. In this case, our advice got old really fast :) We’ll work on updating the post and will comment here when it is updated

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