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How To Write a Great First Message in Bumble

How To Write a Great First Message in Bumble

Today we are going to cover how to write a great first message in Bumble. No matter how confident you are in real life, there is always a little trepidation when reaching out to someone new. If you’re not a natural communicator you have to think carefully about how you write that opening line. TechJunkie is here to help with that.

How many times have you received a messaging in a dating app that said nothing but ‘Hi’ or ‘Hey, how are you?’ What happens then? You will likely sigh in disappointment and swipe them away never to be seen again. If you’re ready to make the first move, you have to get it right in order to stand out from the millions of other people using dating apps.

In Bumble, it’s girls who make the first move. It obviously resonates in this day and age as it is one of the most popular dating apps in the world and growing fast.

Opening line

So you have been swiping and have seen a cute guy who looks as though he could be interesting. He cannot contact you as that’s not what Bumble is about. So what now? Here are some approaches that can help you write a great first message in Bumble to open the door to a possible romance.

Say more than ‘Hey’

Don’t be one of those. You know what happens when you get opening lines like that in other dating apps. The roll of the eyes, the ‘oh please’ and the goodbye swipe. Don’t fall into that trap yourself. If you need to take a minute to compose yourself and your opener then take that minute.

Ask a question

Asking a witty or genuinely interested question is a decent and usually appropriate opening line in dating. Make it a good one though. Questions show you have paid attention to the profile and are interested in something. It then provides an opportunity for the other person to respond in a way they seem appropriate. You can then judge if they are interested or not and go from there.

Online dating apps are the middleman to meeting new people and provide the means to find common ground. There is no better way to do that than with a question.

Trigger a reaction

Triggering a reaction is not easy but if you get it right you become instantly memorable, for a while anyway. It could be a snort of laughter, a chortle, an exclamation of how cool your comment was or something completely different. Take a second to look at his profile to see what kind of reaction he would most likely enjoy and go from there.

It could be an amusing GIF, a lemon emoji with the lines ‘Sorry I couldn’t find an opening lime’ (saw that once and loved it), an obviously lame dad joke or something completely different.

Be witty

Humor always wins and if you are naturally funny then you’re going to have a very successful time on Bumble. If you’re able to look at a profile and find something in there to be witty about, you don’t need this article. If humor comes a little more grudgingly then telling a joke, making a comment or some other witticism works every time. Men are as susceptible to humor as women so use it to your advantage.

It could  be a bad joke like ‘Why couldn’t the bicycle stand up by itself? It was two tired.’ The lemon and lime joke from above, or a witty comment about his dog or friends in one of his pics.

Be observant

Observations make a great first message in Bumble. It shows you took the time to read his profile instead of just his pics. It shows you’re interested in him at more than the base level and may have common ground. It’s a tough one to pull of sometimes as not every profile has something in there you can use but if there is, it’s a good opener.

It could be a comment about how good the powder looks in a skiing shot and asking if that’s Colorado or further afield. You could ask what breed his dog is and whether it plays well with newcomers. You get the idea.

Be leftfield

Coming at something from a different angle won’t suit everyone but if it suits you, use it to your advantage. It can include all of these previous ideas from asking quirky questions to making a unique observation. Just make sure that someone whose brain doesn’t work like yours will understand what you’re saying before you hit Send.

You could ask how someone’s Millennium was or what their favorite hairstyle of the 1980s was, or who their favorite Muppet is. Better still, take something from a pic or their profile and go from there. Making someone think with the first message can be a pretty good indicator as to how the first date will go, so don’t be shy, be yourself!

It takes time and practice to write a great first message in Bumble. Like everything in life, the more effort you put in, the better result you get out. Good luck with it!

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