How to Request a Selfie in Badoo

As a freemium dating platform, Badoo has an uphill struggle to maintain trust with its users. The base service is free and the barrier to entry is very low. This means it’s easy for bots and fakes to post profiles to spoil the experience for the many genuine daters. One way to combat this is to request a selfie in Badoo. This tutorial will tell you all you need to know.

The core dating service on Badoo is free. There are premium addons that can improve your experience but it’s mainly free. With over 430 million users, it’s fertile ground for fakes, scammers and catfishers which makes everyone wary. As trust is important in dating, Badoo have taken some measures to help you figure out what profiles are more likely real than others. One of these measures is the selfie request.

A selfie request helps towards achieving a verified account. This is vital in any free dating app to convince users that you are who you say you are and are not a scammer or fake.

Badoo uses blue ticks to show you what verification a profile has undergone. A blue tick with a white background means the profile has use two forms of verification. A white tick on a blue background means the user has verified their profile image and used another verification method as well.

Request a selfie in Badoo

Female users can request a selfie in Badoo to help verify male profiles. The feature was introduced a while ago and seems to be going down well. Along with two-step verification while I’ll cover after, this selfie process helps increase confidence in female users that the guy they are talking too is more likely to be real.

If you have used online dating for long, you will know that images, while powerful, can also be misleading. With apps that can change your body into something completely different, the habit of some users to publish images from when they were in much better shape or Photoshop their head onto another’s body, knowing exactly what you’re dealing with can be tough.

Enter the selfie.

When a female user has a conversation with a male, an option for a Selfie Request appears on her app. It doesn’t matter whether she initiates conversation or whether he does, once he replies, the option should appear. If the male complies with the selfie request, conversation can continue. If they refuse the selfie request, the two can be unmatched and conversation cannot continue.

Badoo doesn’t do the unmatching, it’s up to the two daters. If someone doesn’t comply with a simple selfie request, it’s safest to just unmatch and move on. If the male provides a selfie, it is only shown to the match and not published anywhere so there really is no excuse.

It’s a shame that only female users can request a selfie. This seems a little 20th century, but it is definitely better than nothing.

Account verification in Badoo

The other ways Badoo tries to protect its users is by offering verification. One form of verification is via your phone number or social media and the other is via another selfie. Both combine to provide a Verified User checkmark on your account. Given how Badoo works, this is essential if you want to be taken seriously on the platform.

Phone or social verification

The first form of verifications happens when you create your account. You first receive an email with a link to verify your email account. Then you need to either link your Badoo account with your social media account(s) or provide a phone number for phone verification. This is designed to add authenticity to your account and weed out some of the scammers. It isn’t enough on its own though as burner phones and fake social media accounts are both very cheap and very easy to acquire.

The second form of verification is the selfie. You log into your profile and hit Verification. You are taken to a screen with an example with someone posing in a particular position. You have to mimic that position and allow the app to take a picture of you. Badoo then verifies the image and you’re verified.

While these verification methods go some way to weeding out scammers, they are not perfect. Even if you’re matched with a verified profile, be aware that you’re online dating and that the person you’re talking to could be anyone. If you’re a female user, ask for that selfie early on. If you’re a male, provide the selfie when asked as your conversations will go a lot easier once you have set her mind at ease!

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Why female can request a selfie from men and men not?

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