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When you’re texting and sending pictures to your friends on Snapchat, all your conversations remain on your Friends screen, perfectly and chronologically sorted for you to see. This means that you can always return to some old conversation that you had with your friends, whether you want to retrieve useful info, see when you last talked to someone, or just reminisce.But over time, your Friends screen can get lengthy and crowded, filled with conversations that might be outdated, useless, or bring back bad memories. You want to make them disappear from your screen, never to bother you again – but how? Fortunately, Snapchat offers an option on its app to allow you to conveniently and quickly delete old conversations from ages past. This article will explain how to use that functionality to clear your conversations, and cover a number of other ways to clear your messages from Snapchat – permanently.Person Holding Iphone Showing Social Networks Folder

How to Clear Snapchat Conversations

If you want to remove a Snapchat conversation, you can follow these steps:
  1. Open Snapchat.
  2. Tap the icon on the top left to access your profile screen.
  3. Tap the Settings button on the top right.
  4. Scroll down, and hit the “Clear Conversations” button.
  5. Tap the “X” beside the name of the conversation you’d like to remove.
  6. A confirmation screen will appear. If you’re sure you’d like to delete the conversation, tap “Clear”.
Think twice when you clear any conversations. Once you delete them from the Friends screen, you will not be able to see any of the past history in that conversation. If you believe there’s valuable info in a conversation, save it before you delete everything. Do be warned, though, that Snapchat will tell the other person if you’re screen recording or screenshotting conversations!

What Does ‘Clear Conversation’ Remove?

When you clear a conversation, you merely remove it from your own screen. The other user(s) will still be able to see all the saved content and history from the conversation unless they’ve cleared it too. Clearing a Snapchat conversation on your phone will not erase it from other users’ accounts – so be aware of that before you go and erase your copy of the conversation from your screen.

How Do I Delete Saved Chats?

snapchat what is clear conversation One thing that stays, even after the conversation is deleted from the Friends screen, are any saved messages in the conversation. You won’t be able to delete those messages unless you yourself saved them, and the other person did not. If the other person saved a particular message, you’re probably out of luck. However, if you want to remove messages you yourself sent saved, here’s how:
  1. Open the Friends screen and navigate to the conversation containing the messages you’d like to remove.
  2. Scroll up to the messages you’d like to unsave and tap on each one of them.
  3. The message will go from grey to normal and you will see ‘Unsaved’ on the left of the message.
  4. If it remains grey, it means the other user also saved the message, and you cannot unsave it unless the other person does so as well. However, if you were the one to send the message, you can hold it and tap the “Delete Chat” button to forcibly remove it – but do be aware this will notify the other person.
When the message becomes unsaved, it will disappear like all Snapchat content does. Once you exit out of the conversation, the message will be gone forever.Crop unrecognizable person using application on smartphone

Why Should I Use the ‘Clear Conversation’ Option?

Clearing conversations tidies up your Friend screen and also helps the app work more quickly and efficiently. Unnecessary data can use up Snapchat resources and make the app malfunction or work slower – so if your app is lagging or malfunctioning repeatedly, you might consider clearing up some of the conversations on your Friends screen.

Is the ‘Delete Chat’ Option Different?

Yes. Unsaving a chat is an option that will completely delete your message and wipe it out forever. Unless your friend has also saved that message, they won’t be able to see it after you’ve unsaved it. If they’ve saved a message, the only way you’ll be able to delete it is if you sent it yourself – which we cover in the steps up above. Keep in mind that you can delete stickers, emojis, text messages, audio files, as well as the pictures and videos that you send from your memories section. You won’t be able to delete the images and video recordings that you take and send directly via the chat. Do be aware that if you send a message and delete it later, your friends will probably have seen it – so it’s only really useful if you’re trying to delete old conversations from a long time ago, that they’ve probably forgotten. If you’re trying to delete a message you just sent, they might not have seen it yet, which makes it a little bit safer to do so – do be aware, though, that Snapchat will tell them that you’ve deleted a message, and that they might be suspicious about what you had to delete.Focus Photo of Yellow Paper Near Trash Can

Clearing Up

If you want to make your Snapchat tidy and easy to use, you can clear all the unnecessary conversations off your Friends page. Once you do that, you won’t be able to see them anymore, but other participants can still access it on their Snapchat profiles. To make a conversation disappear completely, all the participants should clear it. If you want to make a message unavailable to all the participants of the conversation, you can use the Delete chat option. But there is still a chance they saw or saved the message before that. While the deletion options are useful, you should still message people responsibly.Did either of the options above work for you? What motivated you to go back and delete or clear out old conversations and messages? Do you have any other sweet Snapchat tips and tricks to share? Leave a message in the comments down below.

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Avatar kahlea says:
i accidentally cleared the conversation cache with a guy i was talking to and the snap he sent disappeared so i cant open it. on his end he thinks i left him on open. what should i do?

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